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Theme Week: "New" Fungicide Reviews

As a way to increase our postings during the winter months and keep providing relevant information to golf course superintendents, the Turf Disease Blog has decided to do a series of "Theme" weeks in which each blogger tackles a topic within the theme.  Thanks to Dr. Tredway for coming up with the idea.

Our first theme is going to focus on reviews of individual fungicides that are relatively new to the market. Each blogger has simply been told what fungicide to review and what day to post. Other than that, there are no restrictions or guidelines as to the material presented.  I suspect that you will see a little data and some decent summaries of the strengths, weaknesses and potential issues with each fungicide.

"New" Fungicide Reviews*

Monday 11/15: Interface
Wednesday 11/17: Instrata
Thursday 11/18: Endorse/Affirm
Friday 11/19: Reserve
Monday 11/22: Concert
Tuesday 11/23: Civitas
Wednesday 11/24: Honor
Thursday: 11/25: Renown (posted 11/28)
Friday 11/26: Trinity/Triton
*Reviews of individual fungicides by authors of this blog do not endorse, promote, or in any way recommend the use of specific products. Reviews are based on public information, personal experience or company input. If you have questions or comments about the individual reviews, we encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments section of the individual blog post. Your question or comment may be something that provides valuable information to others reading the blog. Authors will do their best to respond to questions/comments in a timely fashion!

If you are interested in learning more about some of the fungicides that are now available, check back over the next two weeks.  Yes, I said TWO WEEKS...the idea was so good and there were so many fungicides that we decided to have everyone tackle two products and post through the week of Thanksgiving...sorry Megan!

Your Input Requested!
Do you have an idea for an upcoming "Theme Week"? If so, then leave us a comment below OR on the Facebook page. We can't promise we will get to them all, but we will do our best to address your concerns during the winter months while disease pressure is low!

5 Responses to “Theme Week: "New" Fungicide Reviews”

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the review of Interface. Let's see, a weak strobi combined with iprodione, propylene glycol, and green pigment? If this is new technology, I can't wait to see what's next. Maybe a combination of Clorothalonil and Propiconazole? (oops, that's Concert, sorry)

John Kaminski said...

Just to clarify to everyone. The review of "New" fungicides is a review of relatively new commercially available fungicides. This includes Pre-mix products of previously existing fungicides. This is why when the theme was announced the word "new" was in quotes. We recognize that these may not be actual new fungicides, but we felt that a clarification of their use, strengths and weaknesses was warranted.

Anonymous said...

Great idea with the the theme weeks, Next week we will be spraying Interface and Triton on fairways for our last snow mold application of the year, Any opinions? Also as far as possibilities for other themes go, maybe you guys could discuss the other side of spraying, for example, how wetting agents benefit turf health and improve the effectiveness of watering. You could also discuss the use of bio-stimulants and foliar nutrients and how to properly combine them with your disease control applications throughout the year.

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