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Trinity and Triton

Trinity,Triton, & Turkey


I hope you all had a lovely holiday with your families and/or friends. Having met the extended Wong family, and seeing their passion for food, my guess is that Frank et al are all still in a food coma today.

Trinity and Triton are two of the newer DMI products in turf. Frank did a nice job summarizing these materials recently and you can check it out here:

Since I don’t think I could put the “review” any better than Frank did, I’ll let you read his description above. So, I’ll skip right to some of my own experiences. I’ve had a few trials with these products and I’ll mention a couple of them here:

2009, Triton Flo

The study was conducted in ‘A4’ creeping bentgrass. Applications were made at 14-day intervals beginning 28 May with the final application on 20 August. Fungicides were applied with a CO2-powered boom sprayer equipped with two XR Tee Jet 8004VS nozzles at 30 psi in water equivalent to 2.0 gal/1000 ft2. Plots were 4 ft × 10 ft and there were four replications of each treatment. Plots were rated by visually estimating the percentage of each plot affected by dollar spot or brown patch symptoms.

Dollar spot was present on several rating dates. All materials reduced dollar spot to zero except for a trace amount in the Reserve 2.8 fl oz treatment on 17 Jul and 12 Aug. Brown patch symptoms were visible on only one rating date, 17 July, at low levels, and all fungicides reduced disease to zero.

The results are summarized here, and you can click to enlarge:

2009, Trinity:

This study was conducted in a stand of Cato-Crenshaw. Disease became quite severe in the untreated. The photo below shows treated plots surrounded by untreated, and the graph shows disease progression in the untreated. All treatments reduced disease to zero on all dates:

Name Rate (oz/1000) Interval
Insignia + Trinity 0.5 + 0.1 14 days
Emerald 0.13 14 days
Emerald 0.18 21 days
Honor 0.83 14 days
Honor 1.1 21 days

Triton Flo, 2010

Triton Flo was part of a fungicide program study in 2010. You can check my post from 2 weeks ago.

Last note: potential phyto on bermudagrass

OH, don't forget, as I mentioned last week when discussing Reserve, triticonazole products can put the hurt on bermudagrass so read those labels and be cautious.

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Anonymous said...

What happened to the Civitas update?

Lane said...

Stay tuned for the Civitas update!

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