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Image Gallery of Turfgrass Diseases

Click on the individual disease below to see a slide show of various symptoms and signs used to identify each.

Anthracnose Basal Rot
Bacterial Wilt
Bentgrass Dead Spot
Bipolaris Diseases
Brown Patch
Brown Ring Patch
Copper Spot
Dollar Spot
Dreschlera Diseases
Fairy ring
Gray Leaf Spot
Gray Snow Mold
Large Patch
Microdochium Patch
Necrotic Ring Spot
Pink Snow Mold
Powdery Mildew
Pythium Blight
Pythium Root Diseases
Red Thread
Slime Mold
Southern Blight
Spring Dead Spot
Summer Patch
Take-All Patch
Yellow Patch
Yellow Tuft

*PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress and more disease images will be posted soon!

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