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Honor (boscalid + pyraclostrobin)

Honor is a relatively new fungicide from BASF that contains the active ingredients boscalid and pyraclostrobin. Boscalid is the active ingredient in the excellent dollar spot fungicide Emerald and pyraclostrobin is the active ingredient in Insignia. Like Insignia, Honor will also be marketed under the umbrella of Intrinsic brand fungicides from BASF. If you have not heard of this, it basically states that pyraclostrobin may provide some additional plant health benefits aside from disease control. If you recall, John posted a blurb about our meeting at Farmlinks in October where we shown all the data behind the Intrinsic label. Although the data is a bit sketchy, there does appear to be some benefit to the plant. Before I go any further remember that these are fungicides and should only be used for disease control!

Disease Control
Honor is an excellent fungicide for broad spectrum disease control because it takes advantage of the dollar spot activity of boscalid and the brown patch and anthracnose activity of pyraclostrobin. Other diseases listed on the label are gray leaf spot, fairy ring, take-all patch and pink snow mold just to name a few. Therefore it could fit into a fungicide program for tees and greens at almost anytime of the year. However, I think it fits best during July or August when brown patch and anthracnose are likely to develop in the Midwest. Below are a few graphs highlighting the strengths of Honor against dollar spot. If you want to see how Honor's efficacy against anthracnose and brown patch compares to other fungicides, click on the diseases and you will see reports from Dr. Bruce Clarke at Rutgers University.

Curatively Honor (boscalid in particular) is slow to reduce the dollar spot epidemic, but overtime provides the best suppression. Preventatively Honor controls dollar spot well, but only provides acceptable control at the 1.1 oz rate under the pressure we experienced this year.

Honor is an excellent product especially for dollar spot and brown patch. I think the best fit for this particular product is during mid summer when dollar spot is still active and brown patch and anthracnose are just starting to get going. Plus pyraclostrobin also has activity against Pythium blight under lower pressures. Essentially this product could almost fit anywhere in a fungicide program in the Midwest.

4 Responses to “Honor (boscalid + pyraclostrobin)”

hhgcmaint said...

With my penncross poa greens, dollar spot is always at the forefront, with anthracnose a close second. Honor is a go to product for me.

John Kaminski said...

Jim, I think that you made a good point about boscalid being slow to reduce dollar spot symptoms in a curative situation. When we use it, it takes about a week to really suppress symptoms and then looks really good for a long time. Many superintendents don't see the quick knock down and then are quick to pull the trigger with another fungicide. They then think the boscalid doesn't work, when in fact it was just not given enough time to kick in. If curative applications are being made and patience is not a virtue, then I often recommend tank-mixing it with chlorothalonil to get the quick knock down and the extended suppression will be achieved with the boscalid.

Just my 2 cents.

Megan said...

Following on John's comment, I've heard similar things from a couple of superintendents here--in a more curative situation, they get a little frustrated with boscalid.

In trials here at Kansas State we've only evaluated the boscalid products preventively and in those they have worked very well with a nice, long suppression time.

Jerry Kershasky said...

Jim, I like your comment of where it best fits into a program and the follow up of John and Megan about it's slowness (dollarspot) in a curative situation. Very valuable information for building a plant health program.
Thanks, Jerry

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