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winter injury, one more resource

Well, I've finally calmed down from the Packer victory against the Bears on Sunday. Whoa!

I do have to admit, I'm excited mainly because I know everyone back in my home state of Wisconsin is excited, not because I am a major follower of football. Poor little Jimmy Kerns, Chicago boy, is drowning in a sea of green-and-gold.

Lane (Pittsburgh native) and I have discussed some type of wager... keep posted. You might be seeing Lane in a cheesehead, dancing a B.J Raji style dance. I'm sure John can link us up with video...

A man who has embraced his body-type. Shake it, Raji, shake it!

Winter Injury

Anyway, with the chatter this week about cold injury I thought I'd pass on another link from Ohio State. It's kind of a virtual magazine where you can flip through the pages. Click HERE


Finally, I'm looking forward to the upcoming GIS in Orlando. Frank and I are teaching a course on diseases of warm-season turf on Monday along with Phil Harmon. Then, on Tuesday, I'll be one of the helpers in the microscope class. If any of you blog followers are in those classes, or you just see me in the hallway, I'd love to meet you in person so feel free to pull me aside and say hi. I'll be dressed in my tyvek superhero suit (just kidding)..

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