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Fungicide resources

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! Do you have any New Year's Resolutions related to turfgrass management to share? Your comments are welcome here or on the Facebook page.

After weeks, or actually, more like MONTHS with no significant precipitation, much of Kansas was blanketed by several inches of snow a few days ago. Until moving to Kansas, I spent my life in Wisconsin, New York, and Michigan, so I'm happy to see some "real winter." I think I have a physiological need for snow.

I did have some snow adventures over the holidays, too, in Wisconsin (see the line of mini-snow-people at my parents house, above) and Pennsylvania, while luckily not getting caught up in the travel nightmares of the big nor-easter that shut down the East Coast.

Overall, though, we have been hurting for moisture. Several superintendents mentioned firing their irrigation systems back up last week after blowing them out for the season since the turf was getting crispy.

Fungicide resources

There are two fungicide references that I thought I'd let y'all know about. First, the 2011 turfgrass fungicide guide is available from U of Kentucky, by Paul Vincelli and David Williams. If you've never checked it out, CHECK IT OUT!

The next one is a new book published by APS Press. It's called A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides, by Rick Latin from Purdue. It's comprehensive and written in a style for the educated turfgrass manager. Ie, it's not a bunch of scientific jibber-jabber suitable only for fungicide geeks (I'm looking at you, Frank and Lane).

Here's the link


6 Responses to “Fungicide resources”

Frank Wong said...

Yesterday at the Maryland Turf Conference, I shared some of the same resources with the crowd including Lane's Fungicide Selection Tool:

After seeing a demo of how it works, over half of the audience there indicated that they would use the site to help them select products for use.

I hope I didn't steal any of Lane's thunder, but it's a pretty kick-ass resource for turf managers to use.

Megan said...

Yes, Lane's website rocks. I thought he had posted it on this blog before? Maybe not. Either way, we should remind people about it. I could do that next time, or maybe Lane could give the link and such.

Jerry Kershasky said...

Great resources Dr. Megan thanks for posting them! I like the hoop on the garage at your parents house, ever play outdoors in the dead of winter, ball doesn't to high.

To Dr. Frank Wong: GLTE in Grand Rapids, MI is the 1st time I heard you give a presentation in person; great job, very entertaining!


Lane said...

Thanks for the plug, guys. I'm looking forward to seeing Dr. Latin's book. Looks like it's sold out copy is on backorder!

Jon Lobenstine said...

Thanks for posting these resources again, folks... Dr. Wong, I caught your presentation at MTC on Thursday, and it was good to see you in person. Great job, and some good take-away notes for the course that I can use. Best presentation I've seen on Waitea patch.

Keep it coming, guys... although there's not a ton of superintendents posting on your blog, I know for a fact that a lot of them are reading it.

Good Work!

Jon Lobenstine
Director of Agronomy
Montgomery County (MD) Revenue Authority

Frank Wong said...

Jerry, Jon -

Thanks for the kind words! Happy to hear that you both found the info useful.

Rock on,

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