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Top 10 Referrers of 2010

While we would love to think that all of you have us booked marked or saved as your browser's homepage, we definitely understand and appreciate the fact that many of you find us by clicking on links from referring sites. We want to recognize those sites for providing content or links that got your to us. So to steal the thunder from David Letterman, here is our:

 Why they drove visitors to our site-list.

No. 10: It was either you or Voodoo Donuts.

No. 9: Wait, we did what?

No. 8: สิ่งที่เราควรทำอย่างไร

No. 7: I guess the words "disease" and "porn" are closely related.
(Google images)

No. 6: Because we don't update during our insomnia.
(Golf Course Industry) 

No. 5: Even we're tired of listening to Kaminski.

No. 4: @turfdiseases needed more followers.

No. 3: We ran out of money to produce more Frank Rossi videos.

No. 2: This is what we do, dumbass.

...and the number 1 reason our referrers said they drove traffic to our site...

No. 1: Because we're trying to drive the old people from our own site.

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