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Pythium, algae, brown patch, flooding and more

I returned from the International Turfgrass Society meetings on Friday afternoon and was greeted to a slew of new diseases in the region. At the research facility, algae and brown patch were taking off due to the recent rains and high temperatures. The recent rains were not without their own problems as it caused major flooding at various golf courses in the region. Most notably, Merion Golf Club had many bunkers wash out and even had holes under water for a period of time (Image of hole #11 fairway and green, courtesy Matt Shaffer). Also hanging on in many regions is the Type II fairy ring species on both putting greens and fairways. I have yet to see these rings collapse in the Northeast, but it is likely that some superintendents are dealing with more severe cases.

Dr. Landschoot indicated that Pythium blight was also active on his fine leaf fescue variety trials. Although I hadn't seen any Pythium around the facility, I did notice that half of my Kentucky bluegrass lawn was wiped out on the side of my house. This area receives little light or air movement and has a swale that carries the water from about 10 properties away from entering my basement!

Overall, I would say that this summer has been a cake walk as far as disease and heat problems are concerned. Although we are not completely out of the woods, we are getting close.

On the lookout...I have not heard any reports of gray leaf spot yet, but this is one disease that is likely just around the corner and preventive treatments should now be close or in place already depending on your location.

Do you have anything happening at your course worth sharing? If so, feel free to add your story to the comments section or send images to be included in a future posting!

OH! I almost forgot, everyone keep an eye out for Frank Wong's posting this week from the American Phytopathology Society Meetings in Portland. I hear they are seeing some interesting things in the streets of Portland this week!

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