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South Central is on the anthracnose train, too

It seems like autumn, with highs in the 70's and lows in the 50's. I'm enjoying it, but it makes me feel all confused inside. Is it really August in Kansas?

It's been interesting to read the posts about Civitas. We have not tested this product here yet. When I hear "horticultural oil" it makes me wonder about phytotoxicity, too, since those types of oils have been known to cause damage on other types of plants. So, I'm curious how it would work in our Kansas weather, both with efficacy and safety. Maybe we'll get our hands on some for a trial.

Dollar spot

Dollar spot continues its usual end-of-August surge. We have it in greens, fairways, and even in some Kentucky bluegrass roughs. The second photo shows a typical lesion on KBG.


Like some of my colleagues have reported this week, we've got some anthracnose rolling here. I had an email last week from a superintendent who reported some anthracnose coming in after some stressful conditions due to a tournament. Now that it's over, he's adding a dash of extra N and raising the mowing height a little bit. This should alleviate stress and help with recovery.

Just a short while ago today I had a photo come in by email (see below), then a physical sample followed. The sample was loaded with the characteristic dark spines of the anthracnose pathogen along with tons of spores.

Megan survives golf tournament

I am a pretty poor golfer, but I got suckered into playing in a best-ball scramble with some colleagues the other day. I've never played 18 holes before in my life, let alone on a challenging course (Colbert Hills). I've only played a few 9-hole/par 3 places, and that was a long time ago.

I did play in a tournament with Frank when we were students. My most vivid memory is Frank falling out of the golf cart while I was driving. He was there, and then suddenly he was gone. We probably won the prize for team beer consumption that day, and that may have contributed to his stunt roll out of the cart. I also remember making a long tee-shot that soared into the trees and hit a port-a-potty with a resounding crash.
As for the game this week, I only swung and whiffed a couple of times, I had a few nice shots, and in fact we used my shot on a number of occasions. I also discovered that the 7-iron is my lucky club, and I should just stay away from the driver. Too much can go wrong with that one. But, my real secret weapon was my pack of Sponge Bob Square Pants golf balls. My team ended up winning, and I think that was a deciding factor.

Look at the pretty zoysia at Colbert Hills

My teammate (Dr. Steve Keeley) tees off into the rolling prairie hills.
See the lovely big bluestem (tall native grass, with a brown cast) beyond the teebox.

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