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Watching and Waiting

Well things in the Midwest are starting to appear "normal". We have had quite the weather the past few weeks, with severe winds and significant rainfall. There is very little to report from the Upper Midwest. Most golf courses are on the road to recovery from any winter kill, however there are still some spots here and there.

As I mentioned, the spring storms have been severe and many golf course superintendents find themselves working on tree clean-up. Not much in the way of disease activity in the Midwest. We've had a few reports of yellow patch, leaf spot and dollar spot in Mid to Southern Illinois, but nothing major yet.

However, this is the perfect time for take-all patch and fairy ring preventative applications. Soil temperatures at a Madison, WI golf course were 57F on Tuesday morning. Now is also the time to monitor nitrogen fertility levels if you have a significant stand of Poa annua. Poa has started to seed at a few golf courses and with that expenditure of energy those plants may need some nitrogen. If the plants start to look chlorotic, than a light foliar feeding may be necessary. This has been shown to reduce anthracnose severity by Dr. Bruce Clarke's group at Rutgers University in New Jersery.

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