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Odds and Ends

Parts of the Midwest have been relatively cool and wet and as a result we have seen a lot of Microdochium patch in our diagnostic clinic. If the weather remains cool and wet than Microdochium patch can become fairly severe and may warrant a fungicide application. There are many fungicides that work well curatively against Microdochium patch. For more specific information please consult our webpage: At our webpage you can access our research reports, from which you can see what chemicals performed well in our snow mold trials this spring.

A few courses in Wisconsin have reported some minor leaf spot symptoms on creeping bentgrass. After talking with the superintendents, the symptoms were not severe enough to justify a fungicide application. Many superintendents throughout the Upper Midwest are still dealing with winter injury of Poa annua. One particular superintendent has implemented a fairly aggressive cultural program to encourage re-growth. He has aerified and dimple tined greens, along with a fairly heavy fertilization and a light topdressing. He has seen significant improvements and is well on the road to recovery.

Finally, Derek Settle at the Chicago District Golf Association has observed brown ring patch at several locations in the Chicago land area. Outside of Derek’s report, we have not heard reports of brown ring patch anywhere else in the Midwest yet. If you are struggling with brown ring patch or suspect you may have this disease please feel free to contact us. You can find our contact information on the website posted above.

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