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Gearing Up for Another Growing Season!

Spring has sprung in the Midwest! The trees are blooming and budding, the flowers are emerging, and the grass is finally growing. This winter was pretty harsh, with many places receiving significant amounts of snow fall. Consequently, snow mold was quite severe this year. However, most are on the road to recovery from any snow mold damage. Another major issue was ice damage and desiccation. Many golf course superintendents through out the Upper Midwest claim the damage from ice and desiccation was as bad as they've ever seen. So before implementing a plan of action to start the road to recovery, you need to determine if the area will come back. To do this, take a cup cutter plug from the damaged area and place them in a window. Keep them moist and MAKE sure the window ledge is not directly above or below a heat vent. The drastic change temperature can cause shock that can kill the plants. Monitor growth from the plugs for two weeks and if green tissue has not emerged by then, the area will likely need to be repaired.

Now is also the time of year for preventative applications targeting fairy ring and take-all patch. If you are not familiar with preventative fairy ring applications, Lane Tredway's group at NC State is finding that two applications of Bayleton at the low label rate effectively limits fairy ring development throughout the summer. Initiate the first application when 5-day average soil temperatures are between 55 and 65 F, then follow-up with the second application 28 days later. All applications should be irrigated in with 1/4 inch of water immediately after application. Wetting agents should be applied on a regular basis during the summer, but NOT tank-mixed with the preventative applications.

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