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Question for 5/24/09: Do diseases appear in straight lines?

Can you guess what caused these symptoms? (Link to answer is below)




Click here to find the answer.

2 Responses to “Question for 5/24/09: Do diseases appear in straight lines?”

Greensuper said...

John, just started using these social networks to help communicate to my members and owners a bit more frequently and in a more efficient manner for me. My iPhone is a beautiful thing!! I was unaware of the turf information available on these networks as well. Do you get a lot of following and response?

The photos look like wilt.....haven't looked at the is hard to determine from the photo.

John said...

So far, things have been pretty good with the site. The purpose was to create something that would not bog down all of the faculty involved, but could still get some timely information out to the superintendents. Superintendents can follow us here or catch the updates on twitter as well. I think that the social networks are just now starting to catch on for supers. I believe GCM is adding a quick blurb about this site in the June issue, so we will see if more start to get on board. Thanks for checking us out and spread the word!

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