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Superintendents Encouraged to take Anthracnose Survey!

As you may remember a relatively large group of researchers from various universities across the country have been actively working on research related to the management of anthracnose basal rot of annual bluegrass. The project started about 5 years ago and was kicked off by gathering information from about 400 superintendents and turf professionals to figure out what was happening in the field and what was lacking the way of research-based recommendations. Well we have come to the end of the first phase of the project and are hoping to 1) gather information about your current management strategies and 2) utilize this information to fine tune our research priorities over the next 5-year phase of the project.

Thanks to the help of the Golf Course Superintendent's Association, we have launched our follow up survey that many of you requested to be a part of. Well now's your chance. Please help us in our goal of finding better solutions to your anthracnose problems by filling out the online survey.

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