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From thaw to freeze, and back again, then back AGAIN again!

I don't really have any turf or disease info today, just thought I'd share our interesting recent weather.

You might remember my last post about thawing out... but I also mentioned upcoming weather fluctuations. It is one of those times of year when anything can happen here in the mid-continent. Arctic masses from the north, warm Gulf air from the south. Our record lows can be below zero, and record highs near 80, or even higher.

The graph above (click on it to zoom) shows our ACTUAL daily highs and lows here in Manhattan KS. Yup, that lowest line shows a minimum of -2.8F on Feb 10, and a max of 71.8 a few days later.

On Sunday, I went for a comfortable walk in sandals, shorts, and t-shirt. Two hours later, I was out on another walk with some friends and their dog. The wind had shifted, and though I had put on a sweatshirt, I was soon freezing.

On Wednesday it was a balmy 60 degrees again. I had the windows down for part of my drive down to Newton, KS, for a turf-and-landscape meeting.

Then, Thursday... snow! 3-4 inches. Oh, and under the snow, some sleety-ice nastiness.

Oh, and I stumbled across an article co-written by John about the use of blogs in turf. Since John didn't post it (at least I didn't see it... maybe I missed it?) you can find it here:

One response to “From thaw to freeze, and back again, then back AGAIN again!”

John Kaminski said...


Thanks for posting the article. Actually, I didn't even know that it came out until Dr. Wetzel posted it on twitter today.


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