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Some Whine with my Cheese

I said all along that Super Bowl XLV was the Steelers' game to lose. And that they did. You can't turn the ball over three times, without getting any in return, and expect to win against a good team.

But I must confess that I am mostly responsible for the game's outcome. Every time I place a friendly wager on the Steelers, they lose. Please accept my sincere apology, Steelers Nation, it will never happen again.

Megan and I agreed that if the Packers won, I would post a picture of myself wearing a cheesehead hat. I scoured the Raleigh area and couldn't find one, but we had this wedge of Dutch Gouda in the fridge so I figured that was just as good.

I have the utmost respect for the Green Bay Packers. It's a working-man's team from a working-man's town, much like the Steelers. Their head coach is a Pittsburgh guy, and I'm also a fan of Kevin Greene, Darren Perry, and Dom Capers.

But, seriously, is there a more ridiculous symbol of team fanaticism than wearing a foam block of cheese on your head? Vince Lombardi has to be rolling in his grave.

And before you start to make fun of the Terrible Towel, remember that it has many practical uses. People also forget that the proceeds of its sale benefit charity. It's seriously not cool to make fun of something that benefits disabled children.

For those who may say that I'm just jealous or bitter because the Steelers lost, you are absolutely right!
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