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Aer-i-fy, good tines, come on!

Apologies to Kool and the Gang. Really, my whole posting this week is centered around the fact that that horrible pun came into my head. When you get a song stuck in your head, you have to listen to the song a few times and it gets cured, right? Maybe writing about Aer-i-fy will cure me of singing it in my own head.

So, the reason I was THINKING about aerification today was because I was thinking back to 2010. By the way, maybe we should not even SAY "2010". It will be like calling John's friend Voldemort (see below) "you know who" or "he who shall not be named." 2010 will be "you know when" and "the year that shall not be spoken."


Many of last year’s turf health problems were related to root health, thatch, organic matter, etc etc. Sometimes those issues caused problems-o'-plenty on their own. Sometimes they made the turf more susceptible to diseases.


The USGA (US Golf Association) just posted a bunch of information about aerification.

Video: Why aerating a course is vital. Click HERE

Video: Why aerate greens. Click HERE


Check out this photo: The turf in the aerification holes is more robust. I wish I had photos of turf plugs/cores. I’m confident that the roots in the aerification holes were much more developed and deeper.

A more extreme site:



Speaking of GREEN:

(Are you still with me? Bonus points for you… Yes, I keep track of points for all of you loyal readers.)

As a descendent of Irish immigrants (my great-great-great-great grandparents) I try to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day each year. Yesterday some friends and I played Irish tunes outside the KSU student union. I’m the one on fiddle. We even got some students dancing for awhile! I hope you all had a lovely day. We are all a little Irish on March 17 :)

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Jerry Kershasky said...


Did not know you were multi-talented. Nice!!! Fun!!!!


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