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Hats off to Craig and the USGA!

Well, I can't say that I am disappointed, but I wanted Tiger to win the US Open...and then I wanted Phil to win. Congratulations to Glover (right) for his unlikely win at the 109th Open! I can't say enough about the efforts of Craig Currier, his staff, and the USGA after this trying Championship on Long Island. Is it true that the crew did not mow on Saturday (glad to see that my post last week about mowing wet greens was correct...see #1).

Disease activity on the east coast has been at a standstill because of all the rains, but this week looks to warm up and dry out. This "should" bring some serious disease pressure over the next week or two. Dollar spot has been hanging on for a few weeks without really doing much, but we may jump right into diseases like brown patch with these temperatures. In regions that are very hot and humid or on areas of the course that have limited air movement, even Pythium may make an unusual early appearance.

As seems to be the case in the recent years, no year is typical when it comes to weather and diseases. All you can do is monitor your region and scout early and often for diseases at your course.

Weather forecast for this week:


CT Shoreline:
Hartford, CT:

Washington, D.C.:

Boston, MA:
Springfield, MA:

New York
Albany, NY:
Buffalo, NY:

Westchester, NY:

New Jersey
Cape May, NJ:
Far Hills, NJ:

Philadelphia, PA:
Pittsburgh, PA:
State College, PA: h

Way the heck up there
Burlington, VT:
Portland, ME:
Rumney, NH:

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