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Where is the summer heat?

Diseases normally typically appearing at this time of year will likely be on hold for another few weeks as temperatures in the Northeast continue to remain low. The main diseases that I have heard throughout the region include those typically seen in the spring. These include the leaf spots, red thread, take-all patch (although this will likely get worse when the heat does arrive), dollar spot and a reported case of copper spot in Jersey. Leave a comment below and tell me what you are seeing in your area.

For those of you dealing with dollar spot, please send some to State College! The disease showed up in typical fashion in early June and then just sat there. I walked my plots today and there was only about 10 infection centers in my untreated plots...not good for disease research.

I am still sticking by my guns and predicting that brown patch will start to move into the warmer parts of the region within the next week or so. This is also a good time to start (if you have not already) applying Pythium controls for your turf. Applications of the phosphite products have been successfully used to control Pythium on fairways, but preventive applications are necessary. On greens, the phosphites can effectively suppress algae (again when applied preventively). If the hot weather does come in fast, you will want to make sure you are covered for the hot weather diseases.

Finally, keep an eye out for next month's "PlayTurf" cover and the special interview guest. I will also be reporting on @johnkaminski from Saucon Valley and the Women's U.S. Open.

2 Responses to “Where is the summer heat?”

Anonymous said...

Seeing a fair bit of anthracnose on my greens and some in the fairways. Hit it with a reduced rate of banner maxx and daconil ultrex last week and seems to have calmed down fine the last few days.
Not planning on making any preventative pythium apps, I don't see overnight temps being able to maintain and grow the conditions.

Michael in Ontario

John Kaminski said...


I probably should have mentioned anthracnose too!

On a side note, do temps in your area EVER get conducive for Pythium? You just pointed out one of the problems with posting in the Northeast! In the Maryland area, things are a lot different than in Maine (or Ontario for that matter). I will do my best to break the region down as we continue to post!

Thanks for the comments!


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