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A plant pathologist's dream come true - patch-a-rama

Hello out there,

I don't have too much to report, but we are having an impressive outbreak of brown patch this week at our research facility. I wanted to get a lawn chair and just sit out there on the research green and take it all in. Here are some images, smoke-rings included.

With moss:

With dollar spot:

With scalping injury:

The temperatures have dropped, with highs in the coming days in the 90's and even some 80's in most of Kansas. In southern Kansas it looks like there will be a few more days of ~100 then some 90's and 80's. Poor Oklahoma still looks super hot, though. Ugh.

Some parts of Kansas also got some rain yesterday and today, but many areas missed out. Our KSU turf field day got rained on yesterday in the Kansas City area.



One response to “A plant pathologist's dream come true - patch-a-rama”

paul sabino said...

Glad to see such a nice smoke ring at ur research facility. Don't track ur feet at my club haha

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