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Waitea Patch trials give me the Hives

Let's try something different this week!

Shot on an iPhone4 and edited with iMovie.

4 Responses to “Waitea Patch trials give me the Hives”

Justin Fowler said...

In the video you say polyoxin D plus tank mixes of triton, trininty, banner, tourney work great. Did you purposely leave out other DMI's from that statement like Torque or Eagle? How do those 2 stand up to BRP in a tank mix with polyoxin D?

Jerry Kershasky said...

Hi Frank,

It does Rock! Good info and great rocking format.

Jerry Kershasky

Anonymous said...

Weird... Shot on an iPhone, edited with iMovie but won't play on my iPad??

Frank Wong said...

Thanks guys!

I saw that the video link doesn't work from Facebook, but you can go to the blogspot page to link to it in youtube/safari on your ipad.

Ok - yes Torque works great as a tank mix partner.

I haven't seen any data on Eagle, but Bayleton seemed to work pretty well for Derek Settle in Chicago in some recent trials.

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