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If you could use me to channel a message to the general manager...


First, thanks for the great responses on the caption contest. I've enjoyed reading them.

I, too, have been slacking on the posts lately. Though I'm not in China or Hong Kong (that is awesome, Frank... enjoy!) I did have a fair amount of travel in September (including a visit to my very cool nephew Zack who is just turning 6, and brand new baby niece Haley who is 3-months).

But, the main reason is that it's been kinda quiet on the disease front and I just have not felt all that inspired. As fall progresses I'll try to get some research summaries out, and switch into "winter mode" where my posts tend to be more discussion and less of a report on the week's array of turf death and destruction. Thinking back about this summer's turf death-and-destruction still makes me tired!

We have been enjoying some beautiful fall weather--clear, sunny days, cold nights. Last weekend we had a night or two with light frosts in some areas.

Talking to GM's: Looking for your advice

In about 10 days I'll be speaking to a group of regional golf course general managers. Other than a couple of local guys that I know personally, I have not dealt much with GM's, and I have been pondering what kinds of things to talk about. I'm going to give a brief overview of how we at KSU work with the golf industry to set research goals, how the diagnostic lab works, and then a review of some of the environmental stresses and diseases of 2010, with lots of photos, discussion, etc.

Just by chance, this morning I came across a set of new articles by Keith Happ from the USGA. Golf course general managers, golf pros, and superintendents were all asked the same set of questions about challenges of running a golf course, issues that can lead to conflict, and strategies for reaching consensus. These articles gave me a few other ideas on things to mention.

General managers:



Anyway, if any of you have suggestions on what I, as a plant pathologist, should discuss when talking to GM's, shoot me some ideas. You can use the comments below or on Facebook.

Finally, a pic of some very dewy bermudagrass at the KSU football practice facility on a cool morning. It was so shimmery it looked like frost, but not quite...

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