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The 5 finalists are...

Our contest giveaway is almost complete.  After receiving over 60 captions in the comments of the blog and several more on the Facebook page, we have narrowed down our list to just five.

Here are the five finalists in the "Give a Caption, Win a Compendium" contest sponsored by Syngenta. For more information on the contest details, please check out the original post here.

The five captions selected by the authors of this blog (no complaint's please) are:
  • "Hey boss, is this a bad time to talk about that raise?" Sodfather
  • "The good new is, I was able to remove the rock I hit with the cup-cutter." Paul Sabino
  • "Well, it only took 39 years, but Alan Shepard's 6 iron from Apollo 14 finally hit the green. Looks to be pin-high too!" Chris Blair
  • "Where do you think they got the idea for the bunker in the green at Riviera?" Sean
  • "Alright Happy, just two putt around the sinkhole and we'll beat him in sudden death. No, I think I'll just win it now." TurfIntern Andrew Lanigan
 Now get check out the poll in the upper right corner of this blog and VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE!

I wanted to also mention a couple of other captions that made us laugh and nearly made the cut! Well done to Stephen Hicks for "Well then, I guess we gotta tone down that Sub-Air system, eh?" and to both Anonymous and David for pointing out the double pass of the mower in the same direction.  Did anyone else catch this?

We thank all of those that participated and put in a caption.  The participation was great and we greatly appreciate everyone providing us with a few laughs as we wrap up the end of the summer and head into better weather. Results will be posted next week!

We would also like to give a HUGE THANKS to our First Sponsor Syngenta. Their contributions go to support the APS Turfgrass Pathology Student Travel Fund which provides travel funding for graduate students to present their scientific research at the annual American Phytopathological Society.  These students are the future of Turfgrass Science!

2 Responses to “The 5 finalists are...”

tanya said...

Looking forward for more such stuff. Loved your style of providing the information and the nature of the content.

Golfkurse Mallorca

Anonymous said...

Great comments. I like this one: "Dr. Vargas said it was bacterial wilt."

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