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Shout out to cooler temps and those nice folks in the south

Well, I just returned from a trip to what I call the Deep South and can't tell you how happy I am not to be living there!  Holy man was it hot out.  Here we are in mid-September and the high temps were in the upper 90's and my car temperature gauge was reading 102.

Having returned last night in a deep fog that nearly had our plane crashing into the runway, I realized how nice it is to be back in the Northern US where night time temperatures are finally cooling off and creating some great grass growing conditions.  It's interesting to see how quickly things can change.

Not much on the disease front
In terms of diseases that have been active in the region, fairy ring was on a roll in many part of the region as temperatures were hot and dry.  Recent rains to some of the region has seemed to squelch that, but now dollar spot is looking to make its famous fall resurgence once again.  We were hearing reports of gray leaf spot a few weeks ago, but the chatter has quieted some.  Caution, however, as you are getting your orders of seed ready.  For those of you planning on pummeling the perennial ryegrass into those bare areas this fall, just be aware that these seedlings will remain highly susceptible to gray leaf spot as we head into the end of September and even into October for those of you farther south.

As Jim has stated in a few recent posts, it is about that time to start thinking about your snow mold applications for the year.  For New England and even into the mid-Atlantic region, Microdochium patch (aka Fusarium patch or pink snow mold) may start to show up in the next few weeks if we get some cool and overcast weather.  Don't mistake this for some other disease just because it's not prime snow mold weather.  I have seen this disease as early as September and as late as June...and that was in Maryland!

Those nice folks down South
I gave a faculty seminar at Auburn on Thursday and got to see the what happens at Toomers Corner when the Screaming Eagles win.  Check out the photo below.

Apparently, it's tradition to TP some big tree at Toomer's Corner after every win at Auburn.
As for my home team? OK, so Penn State took the much expected bitch-slap from the good ole folks at the University of Alabama.  I have to admit, the people were very gracious and welcomed us with open arms.  However, when I asked about how we would be received someone from down there replied, "They will treat you very nice and then talk bad about you when you leave; just like all good Southerners."  Not sure if that statement holds true or not, but we had a great time and welcome the Tide to State College next year.

Check out the slideshow from Auburn and the University of Alabama below.

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