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Just a brief update

It has been tough to give an update since things have been so busy, but I thought that I would at least give a summary of what I have been seeing in the Northeast either while I was in the field or in the lab.

Typical diseases:
Dollar spot, anthracnose, brown patch and Pythium blight have been working on turf for a few weeks.  Gray leaf spot has also been reported by some in the region, although I am not sure if this has been confirmed by any diagnostic lab.  Also, many courses have been either excessively wet or more likely excessively dry.  The dry conditions have been particularly noticeable around the NJ/NY region.  At this point, it is just about keeping things alive and getting through the summer until conditions change to favor turf growth.

All the talk:
For the last few weeks there have been two unusual diseases that are causing a lot of scare around the region.  One is the issue of bacterial wilt potentially being a problem on creeping bentgrass.  This issue is one that is going to take some time to resolve, but I don't think that it is nearly as widespread as many think.  The second issue is the one dealing with what I refer to as Pythium patch.  This is not a defined disease as I have not really had the ability to put a major effort into researching it, but the bottom line is that there seems to be a Pythium that selectively impacts annual bluegrass that is not suppressed by the typical Signature applications. My experience with this problem is that you should continue your Signature applications for the more virulent Pythium species and for summer stress, but you should supplement a more traditional Pythium fungicide into your program during conditions like we are experiencing now.

Field Days:
This is a tough time of the year to visit with your local research institutions since the weather is not cooperating, but remember that you can learn a lot of the latest and greatest in terms of management recommendations by attending these events and talking with the University researchers as well as your peers.  This week will see Field Day's by both UConn (July 21) and UMD (July 22).  In the coming week, Rutgers will also be hosting their field day.  Please make any effort that you can to attend these events if you can get away from your course for the day!

4 Responses to “Just a brief update”

Paul Sabino GCS said...

Thanks for another great update Doc! Keep them coming!
We've been seeing a little Pythium and Brown Patch but have it under control. Dollar Spot on my fairways has been tough to control this season. Definitely on shorter intervals with my apps.
Hope you don't mind me "borrowing" some of your awesome pics for my latest blog entry.

Blog going great... Thanks for all your advice!
Keep in touch.

Paul Sabino
The Farms CC
Wallingford, CT

Mike Donahue said...

Anybody ever hear of Biopolaris sorokinina on ryegrass. It was diagnosed at a course near Lancaster, Pa. with ryegrass fairways. It looks like dollar spot. It first appeared the third week of June. It appeared 4 day after a Chlorathalonil application at 10 lb. / acre.

Is there a common name for this one?

Megan said...

Paul--I just checked out your blog. It looks great and I hope your members appreciate it. I'm glad that some of the turf disease blog material can help you out. --Megan Kennelly

Paul Sabino GCS said...

Thanks Megan!

Love your site! I check it out every day to see what's going on.

My members are thrilled with the communication technique. I've had over 4,500 hits since mid Dec. 2009

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