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Spray, but watch the burn

With temperatures in the high 90s or even triple digits throughout many parts of the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States has many scrambling to protect their turf from potential diseases. In addition to the uncharacteristic high temperatures is equally unusual low relative humidity. One common thing in calls that I received this weekend was that everyone was scrambling with hoses.

Another interesting point that I generally don't think about when applying fungicides for field studies is the potential for burn when spraying. In many trials, we only apply a couple of products at a time and rarely mix to the degree that many golf course superintendents. I always joke at meetings about how the record number of items that one superintendent put in the tank was 23! So in light of this and in light of the fact that many are trying to get that next spray out, I received a couple of questions about potential burn when spraying.

In a past post, Lane spoke about the potential negative impact of some of the DMI's on cool-season turf in the summer. In past trials, we have seen some severe leaf tip burning when certain products are mixed together. One product that has gained in popularity is the various phosphites on the market. In some field work, we found that these products can be "hot" and burning can occur specifically when these are mixed with certain products like the DMI's as well as PGRs. Additional things to consider include the use of wetting agents and other products that can add to the potential for phyto. Please leave us a comment or follow the discussion that I started on the Facebook Page here.

Finally, I received a call from a couple of golf courses this week that were concerned about some uncontrollable summer patch on their greens this week. While summer patch may start to show up in this weather and would be fairly typical for this time of year, I call attention to a post on an unusual Pythium species that I wrote about last year. This is something that is relatively new and little is known about it. I can say that it is a real issues, however, and those of you relying on Signature for your sole Pythium control should read this post!

For those of you that follow the LPGA, check out this week's US Women's Open at Oakmont. I am here in the hotel now and ready to spend the practice rounds with John Zimmer's staff and the USGA. Wake up call tomorrow morning at 3:30AM...I am rooting for Christina Kim who just missed out on a win this past week in a four-way playoff!

Check out these photos from last year's Women's Open at Saucon Valley

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