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dollar spot in the rise

Dollar spot is picking up. Just in the last 5-days I've heard a significantly increased chatter about dollar spot in putting greens, and the other day a sample came in with dollar spot in a fairway. So, the season begins.

We've had cool, wet weather but starting tomorrow temps will surge into the 90's. I'm worried about the stress implications of that. I think rootzones have been saturated in some places and a sudden surge to hot/dry could cause problems.

Just south of here, Oklahoma has been hammered with nasty weather including hail.

Here's one example:

I saw some photos of hail damage in a putting green where the the whole thing was marked with hail-divots. Big mess. Since I did not receive the pics directly from the photographer I'm hesitant to post them, though. I remember when we had baseball-to-softball sized hail here in northeast Kansas 2 years ago and several courses had a lot of work to do to work those dents out.

Finally, large patch is still evident at many sites, and spring dead spot too.

One response to “dollar spot in the rise”

Anonymous said...

Dollar spot on the Pennway fairways are definitely on the rise. I got hammered with it and my spray was on day 13.

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