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Oh Man, the Flu Sucks....

Just a short one today guys.

Last week's diagnoses pretty much read: rapid blight, rapid blight, rapid blight from both northern and southern California. It looks like the rains have helped as we've seen almost no rapid blight in the lab this week. Dollar spot and some brown patch and large patch activity has been reported sporadically here and there.

I have heard about a number of superintendents fighting Pythium in Oregon and Washington right now. It's been really wet up there and according to Gwen Stanke at WSU "[It's the] Worst year I’ve seen in my 20 years here".

Other than that - I've been clobbered something this week. I'm hoping it's just a really bad cold and not H1N1 (since I already got my regular flu shot this year). Sometimes I think flying on airplanes is a great way to get sick.

Signing off from the left coast until next week.......

2 Responses to “Oh Man, the Flu Sucks....”

John Kaminski said...


Sorry to hear about the cold.

On a side note, there are rumors of an outbreak of Rapid Blight in Spain as well...were you just over there on your honeymoon?


Leah Brilman said...

I think in the PNW part of the issue is it has been a warm rain and the days it does not rain it is foggy. Tropical moisture has been coming from further south, some into CA and some up here.

H1N1 is running around here also. It should be fun to see if we can all get exposed at ASA next week.

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