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The Most Wonderful Time of Year

We are in the midst of snow mold season in the Midwest, or at least Paul and I are traveling all over Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This year we have two sites in Minnesota- Edina Country Club in Minneapolis and a golf course in Baxter. The site in Baxter Minnesota is 100 miles from Fargo North Dakota and we have ventured up there to get a better handle on snow scald control. We received a lot of samples from that part of the country and superintendents have had difficulty controlling that disease.

We have two sites in Wisconsin-Sentryworld Golf Course in Stevens Point and Milwaukee Country Club in Milwaukee. Sentryworld is our old faithful site as it usually yields good snow mold pressure every year. However, we found out last year that treatments that work in Stevens Point may not necessarily work under extreme pressure. So we decided to venture to the UP of Michigan. Last year the snow mold pressure was intense in Champion Michigan and I suspect it will be again this year. We travel to all these sites to provide golf course superintendents the best possible recommendations for snow mold in there area. So check back with us next year when we finalize our trials, should be interesting.

On another note, I agree with Frank- the flu sucks! I have come down with the flu and I think it is the first time I have had the disease. Wow does this disease take the wind out your sails. I know I promised posts on all the different snow molds and I will do so starting next week. Sorry for the short post this week.

2 Responses to “The Most Wonderful Time of Year”

Marisa Palmieri said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me about this topic for the article I wrote for Golf Course Industry's Web site. I'm not sure if you saw it yet, but here's the link:

Thanks to you and the rest of the crew for the blog updates. They're very helpful.

Marisa Palmieri
Senior editor
Golf Course Industry

Leah Brilman said...

Yeah Frank and Jim,

The flu does suck. Last time I had it like this was about 28 years ago (actually that one was worse).

According to the thermometer I can fly tomorrow but its been a hard week.

My husband golfed this morning and saw fusarium (pink snow mold) on the greens. He talked to the superintendent about it. See I've trained him well.

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