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Strangely quiet


I have not been receiving too many samples or questions on turf. It has mainly been a few of the usual suspects such as brown patch or dollar spot.

It's been hot, but there have been some breaks. For example we had some 100+ days in Manhattan but then we've had some days with highs in the 80's and lows in the upper 60s. A few nights were in the upper 70's (ugh). My number of "three shirt days" seems lower than last year (that is a highly scientific unit of measure, by the way. How many times do I have to change shirts.)

In Hutchinson (south central) and Garden City (southwest) the days have been hotter but nights cooler ( due to lower humidity).

Here in Manhattan, our average 2-inch soil temps are about 81 and our average 4-inch is at 83. Last year, during this same week, it was similar (80 and 80).

As such, as far as stress goes, it hasn't been to drastic so far. But, who knows what the rest of July will bring.

In contrast, based on Damon's comments, it sounds like the stress is on not too far away in Oklahoma.

So, I haven't been posting much, but that fact that things haven't been hitting the fan is a good sign!

I'll try to gather some research updates for next time.

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