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Cool on the coast, hot on the inside; BRP in Arizona

Disease Activity in the West
We got some hits of anthracnose here and there in California this week, but not much disease activity overall based on the samples sent int the lab. We did get some samples coming in this last week with elevated sodium; the end of our above average rain means sodium levels are creeping back up and superintendents should be on the look out for rapid blight.

Temperature wise, it's fairly mild in the coastal areas (high 60s to low 80s), but hot in the Central Valley and Coachella (90s and 100s, respectively). After spending some time in Nashville, TN this weekend and getting hot with 100F and high humidty in DC today, I'm feeling that Californians are pretty spoiled when it comes to dry conditons and low disease pressure!

I've been talking alot about California recently - I'll try to get Rob Golembiewski from Oregon State to give us a update from the PNW sometime very soon, I don't think I'm doing a very good job of representing the disease activity in Washington and Oregon as of late.

Brown Ring Patch on Creeping Bentgrass
Gabe Towers (Target Specialty Products) in Arizona sent me a set of "beautiful" pictures from a creeping bentgrass green hit with brown ring patch. Although we're more used to seeing the yellow rings on Poa, the disease can look a lot different on bent.

Apparently Mickey Mouse can also be found in Arizona on bentgrass; note the greenish color inside the rings that we also see on Poa greens.

On this green, the BRP is pretty widespread.

But its even more obvious here where Gabe has played a little with the contrast & hue in the picture to highlight the extent of the disease.

I asked Gabe, "why do you think it's brown ring patch?".

"Upon incubation we quickly get a full-on, what was it, 'Don King's hair?' , growing from the thatch upwards," he replied.

That's a pretty damn good sign of brown ring patch!

Signing off from the right coast until next week.....

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