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Powdery mildews--some info on their biology

Hello out there on this final (!) day of April,

Large patch is still rolling out there.

But, the disease that I've been getting most questions about over the last week is powdery mildew. This is not a very common problem in golf course turf but I thought I'd post some information about the biology of powdery mildews because they are kind of interesting and unique from other types of fungi.

There are a lot of species of powdery mildew and, as you may know, they are very host specific. That is, the fungus that causes powdery mildew on turf will not cause powdery mildew on rose, and that one will not cause powdery mildew on lilac.

Another interesting trait of powdery mildews is that they require a living host. Though the plant tissue eventually dies, the powdery mildew needs the host to stay alive while it is feeding on it.

And, because it needs a living host, it is impossible for us to culture powdery mildews in the lab in petri plates.

The 3 figures below summarize some more information about powdery mildew biology. (click to enlarge)

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