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Now I remember....

For those who live in southern California, we know that the land of palm trees and plastic surgery is far from perfect. Smog, traffic, eathquakes, and high housing prices (plus a >$20 billion state deficit) make us often say "why are we living here?"

(image from the LA Times)

After this last week of being in the east coast, now I remember. It's in the mid 60s to mid 70s in southern California and mostly sunny. Even in chillier northern California, it's still in the 60s.

Meanwhile, Iowa is getting buried by snow, it's -50F in the Dakotas, and it's been in the 30s all week long in Alexandria VA where I've been. Even in Florida, apparently it's so cold that"Iguanas are falling out of trees."

Meanwhile in the Wong Lab, it's been quiet since we're just getting back on track from being away for the winter break and mandatory furloughs. Expect rapid blight, dollar spot and Rhizoctonia large patch to be the problems of the week throughout most of California.

Question of the Week

Hey Frank,

I stumbled across an article talking about Kikuyu Yellows (Verrucalvus flavofaciens). It appears to be exactly what happended to my fairways this last summer. Have you done any research on this?

Jeff @ da' Bell

Hi Jeff -

No, I haven't heard of this - but thanks for bringing it up to my attention. Apparently this is a disease described in Australia caused by a oomycete pathogen that's pretty different from other oomycetes (like Pythium) affecting turf.

This disease has not been reported in the Americas as far as I know of. We haven't seen oospores in yellowing kikuyugrass roots in samples from California - but we will be on the look out since you bought it up to our attention!

I did do some searching on the internet and found this:

Apparently you can also get this by Googling "Kikuyugrass", "Wong" and "Dick".

That reminded me that every once in a while you should google your own name and the term "a*****e" just to make sure no one out there is really upset at you.

Ok - thanks for the info and read - good stuff that I didn't know about!


Signing off from the Right Coast until next week....

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