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End of the Summer? Says Who?

"Frank, do you know what fire ants look like? Well, you should, because you're standing on top of a whole bunch of them..."
- David Hay, CGCS, Indian Wells Country Club

It's been a long week starting in Monterey at Mike McCullough's Northern California Golf Association's Assistant Superintendent's Boot Camp, leading to Harding Park in San Francisco and culminating in Palm Desert today. To the left, you can see our Pythium trials being conducted in collaboration with Tom Shephard at Desert Falls GC. I'm using indicator dye in my spray tank, so you can see my spray uniformity (or lack of!). Everytime I head to Coachella to do work - I can't help but think about the impromtu lesson on fire ants that I got from David Hay.

As far as Pythium - anytime night time temps are over 68F during the overseed, you're at risk for an outbreak. With night time temps in the 70s for the next few days - definitely watch out for Pythium developing if you are overseeding in the desert this week!

It's the Fall, and it doesn't quite feel like it....
Yes, it's late-September and it's supposed to be cooler, but we're still getting triple digit temps here in parts of California. Anthracnose and summer patch are still active on Poa greens inland, whie rapid blight is coming back in cooler coastal areas.

If you're about to aerify, nitrogen applications at this time should help reduce down both anthracnose and summer patch. Don't hestitate to give greens a healthy shot of N at this time. If you've got lots of anthracnose, a solid fungicide application wouldn't hurt either. If you have lots of active anthracnose now, it could come back to bite you in basal rot form if you go into the winter with weak greens.

Since rapid blight is encouraged by mechanical damage (like top dressing) - make sure to leach salts before aerification. If you've historically been at risk for rapid blight in the early fall, make a Insignia/Compass plus mancozeb soon after aerfication and top dressing on Poa greens.

2009 UCR Field Day
Last Thursday, we held a very succesful field day at UCR with over 160 participants. Thanks to our sponsors Aquatrols, BASF, Bayer Environmental Science, Dow AgroSciences, Green As It Gets, Inc., Grigg Brothers, Gowan Turf & Ornamental, RootGel West, Syngenta Professional Products and Valent Professional Products for helping us with our tent and BBQ lunch!

Turf disease -wise, I got to show off our anthracnose plots and results from 2009 trials which focused mainly on new DMI fungicides. A preliminary report can be found here. Also, we got to discuss results from our spring dollar spot trials. That report can be found here.

Signing off from the Left Coast until next week......

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