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Fireworks, Hot Dogs and Gray Leaf Spot

July 4th weekend usually brings the first major hits of anthracnose on Poa greens and gray leaf spot activity on perennial ryegrass and kikuyugrass fairways and roughs.

We covered anthracnose on Poa greens in California last week. For gray leaf spot in California - we typically start to see hits after July 1 when the minimum daytime relative humidity + maximum daytime temperatures are above 140.

When scouting for gray leaf spot on perennial ryegrass - look for bullseye lesions and fish-hook twisted leaves. On kikuyugrass - you may just see a diffuse blight on leaves (pictured to the left).

Symptoms may develop first in turf at a higher height of cut in roughs and areas that tnd to be shaded and hold leaf moisture longer - so pay attention to those areas first when scouting.

Other than that - it's been a rather quiet week here in the lab. Hot temps in most of the state will likely bring a much more exciting report from us next week.

Happy 4th of July!

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